Policing Philosophy

Community-First Policing Philosophy

Our community-first policing philosophy prioritizes the needs and expectations of our community at the forefront of our service delivery model. The foundation of the community-first approach is our "No Call Too Small" focus, which means our community can depend on us to respond to any and all safety concerns, no matter how minor.

No Call Too Small

Our No Call Too Small approach has remained steadfast since 1888 despite the evolution of policing throughout history. We place exceptional value on our community members' needs and thus take pride in our response and treat every interaction as an opportunity to make a positive impact. Simply put, No Call Too Small - a community-centric blueprint - ensures that we remain proactively connected to our community by focusing on minor safety concerns to prevent them from becoming prominent.

Community Wellness Spectrum

For our communities to be safe, we acknowledge and focus on the essential yet complex combination of social and behavioural health issues that may be the root cause of crime. While the responsibility for these issues rest with respective services, the DPD team aspires to contribute to our community's safety and well-being by focusing on our expanding role within the Community Wellness Spectrum beyond the traditional incident response.

Community Wellness Spectrum